Do you all remember that holiday that you went on, which you loved? I remember going to Mallorca for the last 3 years and I would like to share it with you.

Firstly, I remember sitting on the beach with the smell of the sea air making its way up my nose. I love the smell of salty sea air. Then I come to the rainbow coloured fruits that are so bright they blind you with beauty. Remember when your sitting on the beach with the waves crashing at your feet. It’s the only time you can sit down and forget about everything and just think to yourself how your life has been so far. The smell of fresh sun screen wafting around the beach was overpowering but relaxing. There was also a woman who wondered down the beach giving massages. I had one and they were so relaxing I almost fell asleep.

Secondly, I want to talk about being in the emerald green clear sea. Remember when you have your snorkelling goggles on and every now and then you dive down and see the weird but wonderful fish gliding peacefully through the water. I can’t forget the alien like seaweed waving at me from the bottom of the sea. Seaweed like this always makes me think about what could be lerking beneath it ready to pounce at me. I also remember jumping off of the rocks and skimming through the water like a torpedo ready to explode. Lets not forget the many water sports you could do there my favourite being the fly-board, which is a board which you stand on and then throws the water launching you up to balance 6-7 foot above sea level.

Thirdly, The food was delicious. The grilled squid full of flavour melted on my tongue as if there was acid dissolving it. The spice on the squid was divine you could taste every little bit of the squid. I also liked calamari. We all know how amazing the cocktails are abroad don’t we? Every time I go back to Mallorca ┬áhave about five different cocktails. Last year I had a Long Island Ice Tea, Afterlife,Graffiti,Tequila Sunrise and a Margarita. My favourite cocktail has got to be the Afterlife, which had red vodka in and red rum and more but I can’t remember. All I remember after drinking all of them is that I was dancing with four girls and I was doing the worm that was it. That was a good night.

Finally, the peaceful boat trips around the island. I remember going on a massive boat that looked like a gigantic pirate ship and stopping outside a cave where we could dive off the boat and swim in to the cave. I spent most of the time jumping off the highest part of the ship. It was terrifying but worth it. I got to see many different jewel coloured fish swimming around the ship and underneath it, you could feel them brushing past you legs and feet. I really do recommend going to Mallorca for a holiday there is so much to do there. This blog is only a section of Mallorca, there is so much more to do there.

Thanks for reading guys. I’d love to hear your amazing holiday experiences so comment them below. Until next time have a good one.


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  1. I’ve never had squid. But you’re making me think it’s very good. Only good travel experience I have is snowboarding in New Mexico and colorado. I’ve seen the mountains there yearly through visits for most of my life, and they’re simply breathtaking. But nothing compares to grinding that powder.


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