Bullying and it’s outcomes for both the bully and the victim.

We have all been bullied at one stage in our lifetime right? I just wanted to say a few things about what bullying can turn to.

Firstly, Words. Words can kill people. Think about it if you were to call someone a name like “your gay, your a retard, Bitch, slut, emo” it can upset people a lot. This can lead to the victim Cutting themselves or always trying to attempt to commit suicide. It’s not nice so why do it? Well people do it because they think it makes them look cool they think that they are higher than everyone, their not! Don’t let people call you thing that can hurt, don’t stand for it. You don’t deserve that, no one does.

Secondly, the insult “game” that bullies play. Trying to insult people because you can afford more expensive clothes than the victim. these types of insults are pathetic. So what if someone shops at Primark? That’s where they want to go shopping, let them shop there. After all why spend £70 on a t-shirt or trousers when you can get one just as good at primark. Honestly the people who think that is an insult, they are pathetic it’s not.

Thirdly, physical bullying. Someone who is being pushed around or hit everyday are not going to stand for it for much longer. Them being the victim will suddenly turn around one day and smack that bully when their least expecting it. To push, punch, kick people because they have a disability, their quiet, they want to learn is not cool so why do it? One day this bully is going to get what he deserves. Not all people are weak and the bully is not above everyone.

I hope you all find this interesting and will explain this too your sons and daughters. Tell them this, if a bully is bullying you don’t hit them first, wait for the bully to try and hit you and then smack them ten times harder because that is self defence children and adults.


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  1. Karuna says:

    As you said, bullying is certainly destructive and can be dangerous. Often though you don’t need to meet violence with violence. Immense power can be relayed through a look in the eye and a firm voice. I’m not saying that is always enough but it can be.

    Most important though is knowing that whatever the bully says or does is a reflection on them, not on the victim. Self respect and self confidence is another element of personal power that can send bullies elsewhere. I think it is also important to ask for help from adults or law enforcement if one is being bullied.

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  2. hey i have a suggestion you should change the the hand picture as it can be triggering to people you can put something else


    1. When I’m next on the computer I will

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      1. great idea thanks and keep spreading the message to stop bullying


  3. encouraging post but many times hitting them back is not effective as the bully is not alone he has a group but yeah words are like knives they hurt alot


  4. I really take this to heart. I was bullied as a kid. Not so much as an adult I’m mainly just ignored now in the general populace which is just fine with me lol. But I have heart wrenching fears about my daughter. I’m wanting to teach her to tell me “anonymously”(God forbid it happens) if someone messes with her. I’d then find ways to make sure she doesn’t look like a “snitch” even if it means I have to look like I’m spying on children lol. I think it’s very important to spread awareness like this.


    1. I’ve been bullied all my life so I know how you feel great words and I agree with you completely

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